Social Entrepreneurship

Great Solutions to Change the World

At the Westtown Science Institute, Social Entrepreneurship is our goal!

We strive to help students grow into people who understand how to leverage ideas and great solutions to change the world, even if a little bit at a time. We also work to make sure they understand how to craft their ideas into pitch decks and business plans that can attract investment in moving their vision forward!

At WSI, we are seeking to grow our own work through developing relationships with Drexel University’s Close School of Entrepreneurship and BCorporation.  As these advisory partners come on board, we expect to learn much and create an ongoing culture of “doing good while doing well.”

What does it take to be a Social Entrepreneur?

  • An unwavering belief in the innate capacity of all people to contribute meaningfully to social change and development,  and a driving passion to make that happen.
  • A practical and innovative solution to a social problem that allows you to break free of the limits imposed by ideology, dogma and narrow vision.
  • An urge to take creative, intellectual and collaborative risks that others wouldn’t dare
  • A healthy impatience. You cannot sit back and wait for change to happen – you are the changemaker.

The WSI  promotes an  an interdisciplinary lens through which students design and experience their educations  by engaging in intentional, organized and well-documented arcs of action-based learning :

  • They prepare themselves to be agents for stewardship and positive social change in the world.
  • They develop the ability to integrate entrepreneurship and critical social inquiry as a foundational creative force for designing change.
  • They will seek to apply this in the use of design thinking, sociopolitical/socioeconomic and ethical analysis, design/engineering, appropriate technologies, and in the innovative development of products and programs intended to drive social change.