Rising grades 7th – 9th Program Details

FIRST Tech Robotics Challenge

 July 8th – July 12th – $575.00

Robotic technology, used from the rocky surface of Mars to precision surgery in the operating room, is and will be a driving force in exploring and creating solutions to future challenges. Campers will design, build, and program a FIRST Tech robot acting both autonomously and through operator control to achieve the goals of a specific challenge set.  Coding, strategic design/build, sensor learning, and collaboration are all essentials that campers will learn as they create a FIRST Tech Challenge robot.

Westtown EI (Ecological Investigator)

July 15th – July 19th – $575.00

Westtown’s campus offers a unique opportunity for the study of diverse ecosystems, from field and forest to lake and stream. Campers will explore our campus ecosystems, learning and deploying sampling techniques, species field identification, and quantification of species richness and diversity. Using Westtown’s state-of-the-art biology laboratories, campers will explore the anatomy and behaviors of select species through light and dissecting microscopy, photography, and sketching, and will design and conduct experiments to explore why organisms live where they do, and how they respond to environmental changes.

BioTech Prep

July 22nd – July 26th – $575.00

The world of biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that promises both the benefits and perils of increasingly precise genetic control. From cloning to CRISPR and personalized medicine, biotech is changing our world. Using Westtown Upper School’s Independent Research lab as their headquarters, campers will explore the basics of genetics and learn all the available tools and techniques of Westtown’s biotechnology lab. From cell culture and gel electrophoresis to modification of a bacterial genome to create a “glowing” species, students will be prepared to think about and act in this emerging arm of scientific inquiry.

Submersible Robots and Underwater Exploration

July 29th – August 2nd – $575.00

Drone robots aren’t just those thing that fly around in the air! Around the world, submersible drones are used in oceanography and marine biology to ask questions and explore answers to what happens in lakes and oceans. Campers will design and build their own submersible robot with adaptive manipulators to meet the challenges presented to them in an underwater “exploration/obstacle course.” They will learn to drive and navigate their robots to achieve their goals, and will meet and talk to professionals in the field of marine exploration.

Tiny House Nation

August 5th – August 9th – $575.00

Did you know Westtown has its own tiny house? Born from an Upper School Senior Project program, the house is built but needs its interior completed! Campers will explore sustainable living, then design and build out the interior of the tiny house. From composting toilets, gravity-fed plumbing, and solar power to interior design for function and form, campers will think about and create real-world products to complete our tiny house. Safe tool use will be taught, and campers will build and install all the needs of a tiny house living space.