Rising grades 4th – 6th Program Details

Field, Lake and Forest

 July 8th – July 12th – $575.00

Westtown’s 600 acres comprises an array of diverse environments from field and forest to lakes, streams, and agricultural lands. But… do we know what lives here? This campus is the laboratory for our work, in which campers will learn about ecosystems through immersive exploration. Campers will build their own sampling devices in our Upper School makerspace, will conduct experiments in species sampling and identification (both in the field and the biology labs). Campers will create a field guide to the ecosystems of Westtown School to take home and build a field guide website.

Inventing and Problem Solving – the Rube Goldberg Challenge

July 15th – July 19th – $575.00

The Rube Goldberg Challenge is an adventure for inventors! Campers will work in the Upper School Design Engineering lab to build and experiment with the “Six Simple Machines” to master the fundamentals of physics, then turn that mastery to solving a Rube Goldberg challenge. Teams of campers will develop a series of machines to propel objects along connected pathways, create forces, and solve a functional challenge. The final Rube Goldberg machine will span the entirety of a classroom and will be on display during a final exhibition.

Lego Robotics “SumoWorld”

July 22nd – July 26th – $575.00

Working in the competition challenge of creating “SumoBots,” campers will learn to design, build and program Lego robots that participate in a sumo competition. A great experience for novices, the program will teach the fundamentals of design/build, coding and iterative solution creation.  Campers competing this week will be fully prepared to become more sophisticated Lego Roboteers during our FIRST Lego League camp week!

First Lego League Camp Week

July 29th – August 2nd – $575.00

Building on the mastery developed during Lego Robotics “SumoWorld” (or on previous experience), campers will tackle the challenge of the official 2018 First Lego league Competition. Campers will design, build, and program robots with specialized appendages targeted to complete a series of game challenges from the 2018 season. Campers will leave the week fully prepared to be major contributors to any First Lego League team in the area.

Submersible Robots and Underwater Exploration

August 5th – August 9th – $575.00

Drone robots aren’t just those thing that fly around in the air! Around the world, submersible drones are used in oceanography and marine biology to ask questions and explore answers to what happens in lakes and oceans. Campers will design and build their own submersible robot with adaptive manipulators to meet the challenges presented to them in an underwater “exploration/obstacle course.” They will learn to drive and navigate their robots to achieve their goals, and will meet and talk to professionals in the field of marine exploration.