The core of the Westtown Science Institute lies an inquiry-driven, immersive learning environment in the lab, on campus, and in the world, where students learn by working in collaborative teams to create innovative solutions that generate authentic products.

In the NYIC, students in rising grades 7-10 will engage in a week-long design/build experience. Students have the opportunity to explore new ideas as they learn the tools (Computer Assisted Design, CNC machining, 3D printing, laser engraving/cutting, basic construction from cardboard models to wood and metal products, software app development, and more) that are relevant to their products.  The NYIC  takes the incubated, entrepreneurial students from the world of ideas into the world of design/build. A start-up grant will be awarded to the team (or teams of students) who develop and build out the best minimum viable product during the week-long conference. Residential and Day Student options available.

NYIC@WSI knows that the most creative and impactful innovators are people who are broadly curious, capable of thinking of others, and able to work in collaboration to get things done. Our “whole child STEM” approach supports that, and honors the very real fact that summer should be FUN as well as enriching.
Everyone wants their kids to be happy. That’s where we start. We also want them to become (broadly) curious, (deeply) empathetic, (energetically) inspired and focused on making their ideas come to life. FYIC@WSI….. Whole Child STEM
Even if you are not able to attend the conference you may participate in any of the forums, to build out ideas, with in a group of like minded visionaries, for products and solutions to promote positive change on Earth.

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